Saddam Salar

CEO & Co-Founder

Founder and CEO of NAI- NAM Company with 25 years of experience at the private sector business management and proficient progression of development, provision of capabilities to achieve goals & vision and lead the team under a loyalty, contribution and partnership concepts, high ability to extrapolate the market and upgrade the strategic techniques to align with developments and handling the challenges according to a clear and logical vision.

High ability of adapt to challenges and obstacles .The proficiency in creating new plans and ideas without resorting to imitation at all, High talented in investing the opportunities and exploiting it.


Work experiences & Career
  1. Establishing and leading Nahj Al Iraq Company starting with selling and distributing Automotive Spare Parts until reached to a wholesale automotive spare parts centers. Further to work to be extended to cover the trading of new and used automotive brands until achieving to goal by representing the international Auto- Brands as an exclusive agent.

  2. Due to my belief in China as a greatest manufacturers with high level of technology which indicates to a bright future of leading the market especially at automotive industry, Nahj Al-Iraq Company was led Automotive Chinese brands in the Middle East.

  3. Establishing a partnerships with the concerned parties to develop and enhancing of the  work, such as supportive banks, government and private sectors, media circles, suppliers, financiers and investors.

  4. The ability of Managing and lead Managers, instill a spirit of belonging and loyalty to the company and passion of assigned works, achieving a strategies and inspire them to more contributive and initiative, especially in the field of sharing their experiences with youth manpower and adopting youth and preparing them to become a leaders and Managers in the future.

  5. The ability to inculcate the values ​​of honor, responsibility, belonging, respect, loyalty and honesty in the hearts of employees and those around them and oriented them to be the watchers of themselves .dealing with them as a Leader, not a Manager.

  6. Dare to enter the market, simulate the market, understand consumer trends, and have a high ability to manage risks, focus on financial management, budgets and professionally manage operational processes.



Nahj Al-Iraq Company is seeking to represent Great wall and Haval to be (No.1) Automotive Chinese brand in Iraq and Jordan.


  1. Enhancing manpower in spite of responsibilities diversity into a productive and unique crews having a high work experiences through continuous trainings.

  2. Since the vehicle acquiring is among the basic goals of every individual for owning purpose. So, our responsibility and main concern is to provide a vehicles that simulate regeneration and equipped with the latest technologies that suit the aspirations of young people and other community groups, in other words, to provide a product that meets all aspirations, desires and needs, at very reasonable prices.

  3. Seeking of taking a Steps that precede others by providing sales and after-sales services in a unique way that do not possess in compare with other companies, and strive to renew the means whenever others try to imitate and leave a safe distance between us and them.

  4. Extending the Brands availability by Opening a new headquarters and showrooms at most parts of Iraq and Jordan by shifting from large cities to smaller ones to cover the entire country.

BSc of Chemical Engineering – University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq
2005 - Present
CEO of Nahj Al-Iraq
2020 - Present
CEO of Nahj Al-Manar